The problem with 9 degrees…

All of you are really smart.  I am pretty sure you can guess what the problem with nine degrees is…IT’S EFFING COLD!  So cold, in fact, that our pipes have frozen twice.  Weee! (that’s the sound of money rushing from our wallet.)  Oh, and an interior pane in our double pane windows edge failed and then cracked the length of the window.

I officially hate winter.

Christmas was a lovely time with family, but my father’s cancer has come back.  Winter is just not our season.  Right now, he has had surgery, and we are waiting to start a specialized immunotherapy.  I have learned more about the genetic factors of melanoma than I ever really wanted to…kinda.  From a scientific point, it’s fascinating…watching it play out in real life with your Dad?  Not so cool.

What was supposed to be a two week trip turned into almost a month in GA.  We did get to see 3.5 inches of snow on the coast, though.  Go arctic blast! I am figuring that I will be down there again soon.  Which makes riding very hard.  Not only is cold enough to freeze pipes below the frost line, under my house, the weather is almost insufferable in the wind.  Which makes me really sad, as prior to Christmas we purchased a new/used Balance Saddle for Tricia.  She had out grown the Wintec Wide, and has now moved into the Balance Horizon.

Balance has a really neat product, as it works with a concept called constructive saddling.  It allows you to build the muscle you would like to see in your horse’s back out of a specialized pad, and then remove parts of those pads as the topline and muscle develops.  This sounds like horseshit…but it’s not!  The comprehensive training we have been doing to balance Tricia has allowed her to build her core and her topline.  The Wintec Wide was too narrow to allow further expansion of her shoulders, which is happening.  She has developed a lovely sit and a great trot.  I am so proud of her.

I hope it survives this weather!

Going back to GA may be a blessing, though, as it will let me use some of the techniques we have learned on little Bandy.  He had an abscess in his back foot, and then just as he was recovering, got kicked by a full size pony in the shoulder.  So I am hoping to long line him and help him to sit back and free up his front end a bit.  We will see how this goes.

I have also decided that when I lose weight I am getting a Tongrass Skirt from Arctic Horse. They look amazing and would be a blessing in this chilly weather.  Even if we end up moving from this north country, I still think it would be useful….and aren’t they pretty?

2 thoughts on “The problem with 9 degrees…

    1. Thank you for Dad. He’s strong. We will fight this, and hopefully come out in the clear. He has had melanoma for 8 years, but this is the first time it’s jumped to stage 3.

      I feel the same way about the riding skirts…They’re just so pretty, and all the reviews say how they are very functional! It doesn’t get much better than pretty and functional! 🙂


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