The Arts of War

I got hurt doing Crossfit.  Not badly, but a pretty decent muscle pull.  “Personal training Crossfit” and “just doing classes Crossfit” are two majorly different things.  I didn’t realize at the time just how much care Trent (the trainer) was taking in creating my weekly torture sessions.  I was always challenged, but never felt like I could or would get hurt.  Classes are a whole ‘nother thing.  In class the coach watches for you, but not in the same way the trainer does during a PT session.  The coach at our new box was amazing, but didn’t realize something Trent did pretty early on:  I will not back off or give up.  If you ask me to do this thing, I will do it…the hell with what may….So I hurt myself in class, over facing my current state of fitness (or fitless, depending on how you look at it). I actually went to see my doctor, and she suggested yoga to fix my current muscle pain.  Nate and I have been really lucky, and we found a yoga studio that also does martial arts.  Nate has been wanting to start martial arts for years, and he always put it off because of money, job, school, life, etc.  But, sneaky wife that I am, he is now in martial arts (just for him!) and we are also doing yoga and Qigong.

Qigong is the grandmother of Tai Chi, and is a process of body placement and breath work to create stability in the body.  It’s amazing, and if you can get to a class, I highly recommend it.  I’m currently pursuing my masters in nutrition-which is the bastard cousin of Western Medicine.  While I have always believed that symptomatic treatment is a poor diagnosis, I am skeptical enough to always question the validity of energy work.  Regardless of my full embrace or lack there of in energy work, the concept of the body working as a complete system, including the electrical impulses that guide cells, makes perfect sense to me.

I think every equestrian has seen the meme of Stephen Colbert asking about when the horse decided it wanted to just dance.  I don’t know if the horse ever wanted to dance, and I understand that the airs are most likely for giggles when not in battle, but I found a deep connection between what I am asking Tricia to do in dressage and myself in Qigong this past week.  As Nate, I, & class were working on foot placement for balance and awareness, I couldn’t help but think that is exactly what Tricia and I had been doing the prior Wednesday.

Tricia and I have spent almost a year working on side to side balance and are now venturing into front back balance.  As her box is getting smaller, she is less willing to reach for the bit, and is not utilizing her neck properly.  I know somewhere in this that I must be blocking her energy.  We have worked so hard on creating a slow attainable balance, that I am now worried that the reason we lack power in this new piece is because of that.  I am trying to imagine how I want the energy to flow through her body, and how I want her to feel as she touches the earth.  This mind shift is new, and I worry about the fluffy-bunny aspect of it.  I chose my faith years ago, because I had been privy and blessed by too many miracles to be agnostic.  That being said, I have seen enough bunk science, that I feel blindly following anything can be a bad judgement call.

As I know this is a dreamy post, I am loving the aspect of the spiritual sides of these Arts of War.  Much passion would be required to fight for your family, or your kingdom.  The energy, the heart behind that would be critical.  The dire bond that would create with the souls that you touch amongst the field.  I am a terrible dancer, but I wonder if I would have been a decent warrior.  The fire that lives in my Tricia, that brave heart that sees the world and still stays sweet.  I am not so sure she always wants to dance with me, but I do not question that she would fight for me.

I have been frustrated with this “new” method.  There are days it seems very much like my “old” method.  But perhaps the above is what I have been missing most.  She may not want to dance, but she would fight.  She will have my back.  I have always seen her as my baby.  Perhaps it’s time to see her as my partner, my fellow in whatever may come.


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