These precious moments…

It’s Monday, and I am in my final week of this quarter.  I am behind, and exhausted.  We had a hard weekend.  My very fit, very healthy, very young brother-in-law was hospitalized and diagnosed with advanced stage cancer.  This is not the post I had planned for today.  The hubby and I spent Saturday hunting down an Eleventh Doctor costume for an event we going to attend on  Sunday.  Yes, we are geeks.  No we will not be returning it.  We are geeks, we will find somewhere else to be geeks. But I had hoped to post silly pictures of adults not adulting, at a dress up tea party in Winchester, VA.

Saturday night, he was disgruntled at the time it took to pin down all the pieces and how we ended up in Mananas. Like, whoever wants to go to Manassas? Though they have stepped up the mall quite a bit.  I think I will cherish the silliness of it forever.  It’s the calm before the storm we did not know was coming.  That makes it slightly more precious.  In all the world, I would have never expected my sister-in-law’s teary voice to convey upon us such a mortalizing moment. My birth family lives rather intensely. (Horses, right?That’s just the tip of that iceberg!)  This is not my first brush with cancer.  This is not my first brush with cancer this year.

This is my first brush with someone so young.  He is not just our compatriot, he is our younger brother.

Most likely needless to say, my diet accountability ditched me somewhere along 495. Probably the same place where my lady-like composure flew out the window and my past career in construction showed back up very verbally. I am a stress eater.  The higher the stress, the deeper the Ben & Jerry’s.  It seems funny, but it’s not.  Trips up 495 are going to become a common thing in the next few months and I have to find proper nutrition for the road ahead.  Though my sister-in-law needs this more right now, it is very true that you cannot pour from an empty cup.  Part of my exhaustion is due to the amount of carbs I ate yesterday.  That was obvious after I rode and felt loads better…or maybe that’s just the magic of the ponies.

I cannot promise, but I believe that I will write twice this week.  I really want to tackle the changes in balance I experienced as I gained and lost weight.  I also have exciting, though expensive news regarding Trisha.  She is excelling in her work, mostly because she is an amazing horse.  But this means that her withers and shoulders are growing, and my wide saddle does not fit any longer. I need a wider wide saddle.

Somewhere along 66 or 495 as we wound our way up to Baltimore this weekend,while we talked about family and life, and wild tragedies,  my husband said “all of this is precious.”  Every single breath is precious.  Every moment.  When you hug your family, or kiss your horse, remember that each second is something special. Seize it and hold it close. Be grateful for our blessings.

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